Audio manipulation in Ableton and Logic

7 Jan

So what’s better to use Ableton or Logic for manipulating audio. Both are good in my opinion its just to do with how you feel comfortable doing it i guess!

There are plenty of ways to cut up a vocal or a melody to make sure it fits in your tempo choice if you have a change from say 140 to 128 BPM (Beats per Minute). I normally just cut up the audio using the marque tool in Logic. Which can be found in top right hand corner of the arrangement window. You can select this where the arrow is pointing in the picture on the right:

It’s probably useful to insert the beat you want in first. Then cut up the vocal or melody around it. notice the progression of the cut up audio in the picture till i have to what i wanted.

Now Ableton. Well Ableton is good because it detects the BPM of the song and trys to select markers on the audio automatically so you can move the audio about (If it doesnt come up automaticlly just press warp in the box next to the audio). The markers are the yellow arrows you see above the audio clip (you can open the bottom audio section just by double clicking on the audio clip in question). You can see by this picture where everything is:

I’ve heard people calling this warping but i just call it audio manipulation. I hope this has been helpful if you have any questions do ask! 🙂


Sidenote: I should stress you can do the marker method in Logic as well and you can do the cut up method in Ableton. If you need me to write about that then please let me know! 🙂


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