Making a good house beat.

8 Jan

Everyone has there own way of making the drums sound amazing. I have found that the kick and the bass are the most essential things in dance music so to get them right first and then build everything around them.

I normally start with getting a heavy bass drum with lots of bottom end in it and then Eq it so the high end is almost non existent then get a kick with little bottom end but a nice high end frequency. Eq a little of the bottom out so u can only just hear it being a kick and not a snare sound.

You could also put an open hi hat on the top of the kick sound and compress it and move the Eq around until you find that nice high end kick you want.

The bass and kick go hand in hand so i will show how to make sure they don’t clash throughout the song int he next blog 🙂

*I should also point out that sample packs are essential for the kick (unless you own a good drum machine). I normally use the vengeance sample packs as you get lots for your money



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