15 Jan

Ok. So the bass. Ye. I would start off by saying that no matter what bass sound you put in the mix, wether it be a Sub bass, mid range bass, or a bass thats not quite a bass but you consider it a bass anyway, should always compliment the kick. What i mean by this is that in dance music the bass and kick go hand in hand and drive the song forward (my dad calls these two the spine of a song).

So despite all the side-chaining going on both these things (kick and bass) need space in the mix. Now one way i was taught was to bus* your kick and basses together and chuck a compressor on the bus channel. This makes both sounds have their separate space. It is especially noticeable if you have the bass in mono (which generally is what most people have). In the compressor i normally have it set to peak mode and then play around with the other settings until it sounds right.

To make a bus you select your channels you want on that bus by holding shift and clicking on the channels then click on send and click on the bus channel you want (mines normally bus 1 just as a force of habit).

If i forgot anything please let me know 🙂





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