Get that pumping feeling in your songs… Side-chaining

26 Jan

Side-chaining is basically a way of having one sound giving way to another sound in the song (as simply as i can put it). The way you can make the pumping sound in the breakdowns of the song you have a ghost kick (see last picture) and then side-chain it from that. In the first picture the yellow circle shows where to route the side-chain to from the compressor, in this its routed to bus 64 because thats where the ghost kick is. The threshold ratio and knee is how to change how it sounds (red lines and black circle). The green arrow shows where to click to get the compressor up.

The bottom photo is how to create the ghost kick. The ghost kick is basically just a kick that has no audio output (silent). You do this by putting a kick on every downbeat and then routing it to bus 64 and then making sure there is no audio output (Orange box click on “stereo output” and then click on “no output”). On bus 64 make sure the little circle to the right is pushed up to 0db.

This should then create that pumping feeling that everyone needs for a good house song normally but if thats what you feel you need then this is how 🙂



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