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29 Jun

Sorry i have been so bad at updating recently so heres a breif very basic stuff to do with the Native Instruments massive synth and white noise.White noise can make a drop in your track sound really big! and most people use it in their tracks especially if your going for the dance music route. you can use it for build up sounds as well but i generally just use samples for build up ‘swooshes’. so yea how to make a cool sounding white noise is very simple just check the picture and steps below here:

So as you can see here all the oscillators are turned off. you can turn them off by clicking on where the red arrows are pointing.

Now this is what the white noise oscillator looks like in massive turn both colour and amp to full (unless you don’t want to in which case don’t. and send it to filter one.


This is the filter which also has to be pushed up by the right slider up to filter one. the cutoff has a yellow line round it this is a macro, if you want to use it as a build up ‘swoosh’ although you can just use the automation of the cutoff anyway so you probably wont need it. In the drop you will want the cutoff knob to be turned all the way to the right so you can feel the full force of it! but if its a build up you will want it to go from left to right slowly.

This is the settings i used for the envelope but you can play around with everything so it suits your needs! i think the release is the most important thing on this but i wouldn’t give it too much.

I always put a small reverb and chorus mono on it just to make it seem a little creamy  and nicer to listen to. again fiddle with the settings to suit your needs.

This should be a nice sounding white noise now. However the most important thing about white noise is to put a high pass filter on it. This is essential when you mix down the song so it doesn’t clutter all the high end frequencies in your mix.

So yea as per usual if you think theres a better way then tell me i’m still learning and would welcome feedback!


Matt Gough

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