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My First Release

8 Jun

hey guys my first release is out now check it out:

Its on Spotify as well just search my name “Matt Gough”

All the previews are on my Soundcloud check them out HERE


Matt Gough


16 May

Check my new moombahton tune about the rainman.


Samples include katy perry, jay z, bob dylan and eminem.


Matt Gough




The Skints New Album Review

14 Mar

Sorry i haven’t updated in a while. busy with uni etc!

SO one of my favourite bands ‘The Skints’ released a new album not so long ago and although not my favourite of the two albums they have made its still incredible. two stand out songs for me is “cant take no more” and  “live east die young”

A great fusion of ska reggae and punk was used throughout the first album but the second one is mainly focused on the reggae elements.

Buy the album HERE

Check it out and if you haven’t heard their first album then buy that its incredible!

The two gigs in one night syndrome.

24 Feb

So the other night i went to two gigs in the same night. one was a band called pulled apart by horses the other was to see dubstep DJ N-Type.

It was a quality night all in all! However i realised why it was i got into electronic music in the first place that night. When i was watching pulled apart by horses most people just stood about complaining about the distortion on the guitar or how the drummer was a little out of time. However watching N-Type everyone just had a fucking great time dancing and bonding with people they don’t even know.

Pabh were absolutly sick though dont get me wrong but the vibes were completely different… mainly cos i think i was the only one dancing for pabh where as everyone went crazy for N-type.

Electronic beats are still the one.


My new Moombahton tune

20 Feb


This is a new tune i did i will make for free download after 200 plays (if that ever gets that far of course). Its a Moombahton track and has some great sampling going on…

Soundcloud Spammers

19 Feb

Theres a new way of advertising on soundcloud by spamming as many songs as you can! This guy called Electrode has obviously set the trend for this as he comments at least three times on every song in the whole fucking website. BUT its good for him as it has made him massive and obviously lead to some good releases on beatport etc. I probably would be annoyed if his songs weren’t very good but they are pretty sick check him out here:   electrode 

So ye if anyones looking for a good cheap way of advertising use this method of simply annoying people! 🙂


Feed me’s new Ep

12 Feb

The whole Ep was epic but this song was probably the best…

Listen to the whole ep here

or here

but never here