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The two gigs in one night syndrome.

24 Feb

So the other night i went to two gigs in the same night. one was a band called pulled apart by horses the other was to see dubstep DJ N-Type.

It was a quality night all in all! However i realised why it was i got into electronic music in the first place that night. When i was watching pulled apart by horses most people just stood about complaining about the distortion on the guitar or how the drummer was a little out of time. However watching N-Type everyone just had a fucking great time dancing and bonding with people they don’t even know.

Pabh were absolutly sick though dont get me wrong but the vibes were completely different… mainly cos i think i was the only one dancing for pabh where as everyone went crazy for N-type.

Electronic beats are still the one.



So I went to a wedding last night…

8 Jan

Basically i attended a wedding last night and decided to listen to some of the music played in these places. Even though it comprised of mostly rod stewart and neil diamond there were some gems that the DJ played that could be fitting in a club. Some golden old house songs were played that i had pretty much forgotten about and just rotting away in my itunes.

And this one…

and one more.

Just wanted to share some popular music from back in the day. There is some great remixes from all of these of course but credit goes tot he originals always!