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My First Release

8 Jun

hey guys my first release is out now check it out:


Its on Spotify as well just search my name “Matt Gough”

All the previews are on my Soundcloud check them out HERE


Matt Gough


16 May

Check my new moombahton tune about the rainman.


Samples include katy perry, jay z, bob dylan and eminem.


Matt Gough




Conspiracy EP

25 Apr

HEY guys! this is my new EP coming out soon please share and comment! Hope you enjoy the previews! :p


Ps. next post will be on mixing down! 🙂 stay tuned!

How to make a wobble bass (Basic)

14 Apr

OK ill show you now how to do a wobble bass in the most simple form on a VST called massive. Check the picture below:



NOW The ‘Pink’ Section is called the oscillator. this is essentially what sound it is going to make Such as: Saw wave or smooth square etc. This has been taken down to -12 which means it is an octave below middle C. There is a fader on the right of the box this is the option of routing the sound to a filter (In this case it is all the way up to filter 1)

THE FILTER: (outlined in Turquoise) This is basically the controlling section of the noise. so the Cutoff is how much of the sound you want to pass through. The resonance basically just amplifies the sound. In this case we have a low pass filter selected (You can select which one you want by clicking on the drop down menu at the top of the box) Again you’ll see the fader at the side which means you can route it to another filter again but for this exercise we haven’t so we put it up to just allow it through filter one. You’ll notice on the cutoff that there is a green number at the bottom of the cutoff knob this is how we have Routed The LFO. (you do this by clicking where the red arrow is pointing and dragging it to the box where the green number is in).

THE LFO: Is a Low Frequency Oscillator, This modulates the audio signals coming through and it is a pulsing rythym unlike the ocsillator which is just an audible tone. You’ll notice that on the left side is a fraction that says 1/16 now this is how you can changes the speed of the pulsating rythym (Wobble). You change it by dragging the box where the ’16’ is up and down till you gain the rythym that you require. When you drag the cross section to the filter you drag the green number up and down to gain a line around the knob, this is basically controlling the LFO within the filter.

Now you should have a Wobble Bass line happening. If not please don’t hesitate to ask questions.




Goughys Interview…

4 Apr

Me having an interview from the guys at ghost anthem records


Structuring Dance Music.

26 Mar

I apologise about not updating more regularly firstly.

I shall be explaining how to structure your track. which is what i found the hardest out of all things to do with music (Strangely). The first thing you should know is that a little bit of maths is involved here (i see you all turning your web browser to Facebook).  as simply as i can put it music structure is called bars. You will see in the top half of logic there are numbers and lines, these are markers of the bars. you’ll see that in the picture below coloured red.

The structure goes up in bars of 4,8,16,20 etc . normally a house/electro track will have an intro of 32 bars. then a breakdown between 16-32 bars then the main element of the track for up to 32 bars then a breakdown again then another drop then an outro for 32 bars.

(This is purely on the norm of tracks i listen to by the way dont let anyone tell you how you should write your music but this is how i’ve been taught.)


I should mention here that when i say 32 bars that means go up to the 33rd bar. example is: 2 bars = 1”’2”’3

I hope that makes sense? if not please ask questions and ill try help! also again if you have an easy way of explaining please comment!



My new Moombahton tune

20 Feb


This is a new tune i did i will make for free download after 200 plays (if that ever gets that far of course). Its a Moombahton track and has some great sampling going on…