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Conspiracy EP

25 Apr

HEY guys! this is my new EP coming out soon please share and comment! Hope you enjoy the previews! :p


Ps. next post will be on mixing down! 🙂 stay tuned!

DJ Exam

21 Jan

SO last night my course at uni had an exam DJ’ing live in a club. It was a few of our first times playing out and i’d love to say it went without a hitch! Nerves flying around everywhere i forgot to pull my crossfader over at the start and nothing playing for about 30 seconds but after that it was ok and i just got into it playing some good songs and an intro with martin luther kings famous “i have a dream” speech!

everyone had a great mix and i just hope noone failed!! if you wanna here my set Click here: MIX

Or here: MIX

but never ever click here: MIX